Went to Amsterdam in the spring of 2012.

It is a nice city if you can handle the dirt on the streets and the smell of Wheed and a mio of tourists.

We stayed at the Hotel Albus. It was all ok and very friendly and helpfull staff. I had trouble sleeping the first night because of a, from my side, “a very bad pillow” but the staff took the time to go to other hotels to find me a better one so I could get some sleep. TOP MARKS

Redlight district is also a place you must see. Not that i have spend to much time there, but it was like stepping into another world.

If you find yourself there in Marts – April, then take the time to go to Keukenhof “not to sound gay” but it’s so beautiful with all those flowers.

Also take time to do a canal tour. I took my girlfriend out on a dinner course. It started at 20:00 so we got to see the city both while it was light and dark. The food was also OK and drinks are incl. the price was about 575,-


Amsterdam as a tourist destination.

4½ out of 6